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Wealth Management Questionnaire

October 12, 2011
by Jack Reynolds

In Q4 2010, I conducted a brief wealth assessment survey to help investors assess which factors were most important to them as they approached the New Year.  Overwhelmingly, developing an investment strategy was ranked as the most important factor influencing short-term decision-making and long-term goals.  Several economic, political and financial factors have changed in the last 12 months having a profound effect on wealth management.  Have your asset management needs and priorities changed as well?

Take my brief (7 questions) 2011 wealth assessment survey to help you determine which factors are most important to you in managing your financial environment for 2012.  Click here to post your confidential responses to the survey and view consolidated results.

How have the last 12 months affected your investment strategy, governance policies, spending management?  As an investor, are you spending too much time or too little time managing your financial resources?  Are you more or less confident that you are making the best wealth management decisions?  Are you more or less certain about how to involve the next generation in wealth management?

Take my brief wealth assessment survey to help you sort through these issues and develop a successful wealth management strategy for 2012.