Private Foundations & Endowments

Navigate the Dynamics of a Complex Wealth Environment

Private foundations and endowments can offer significant tax benefits for their donors and income sources for their beneficiaries. However, oftentimes philanthropic families find that the time and costs involved are greater than expected, and they do not wish to be burdened with the complexities of managing their charitable entity. In addition to the administrative, legal and financial due diligence issues, donors and trustees can find it increasingly difficult to achieve their charitable goals if:

  • the mission of their charitable entity has lost its urgency or focus,
  • the family is more attentive to philanthropic values of their entity and less dedicated to its administrative, operational, compliance and investment needs, or
  • subsequent generations do not share the founder’s passion for maintaining the entity, or are too geographically dispersed to manage it efficiently and cost effectively.

As your Private Investment Counselor, Jack will help you overcome the complex challenges of fulfilling your charitable goals, protect and maintain the overall integrity of your investment and governance processes, and build a lasting legacy for generations to come. Working in concert with your family office and advisers, Jack will:

  • Develop customized and innovative investment solutions to enhance your wealth.
  • Provide flexible, tax efficient funding strategies to manage risk.
  • Facilitate your foundation's mission across generations.
  • Comply with minimum distribution requirements across multi-year periods and an average annual 5% payout requirement.
  • Serve as a trustee, upon request.

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Risk Management & Diversification

For the past 25 years, Jack has helped exceptional clients navigate the dynamics of a complex and sometimes turbulent wealth environment by providing highly customized fiduciary and decision-making counsel.