The Ben-Hur of Investment Advisers

Reynolds Group, Private Investment Counselors was established in 2010 to help clients manage and resolve the complex investment, asset protection and legacy planning needs that comes with having significant investment resources. (view Jack's biography and historical timeline of world events).

John M. (Jack) Reynolds, the firm’s founder, has over 25 years of investment experience growing and protecting financial and non-financial assets for individuals, family offices, endowments and professional services firms in the United States and Europe. As an independent advisor, Jack’s clients benefit from unparalleled access to an exclusive network of financial resources and innovative opportunities to enhance their wealth, manage risk and reduce taxes. Jack’s astute insight into his client’s wealth management needs, combined with his successful track record of entrepreneurship, law and family office management, translate into a deep understanding of the financial challenges, long-term goals and risk tolerances of individuals and enterprises with significant resources. The result? Clients receive prudent and sound investment recommendations, comprehensive decision-making support and fiduciary confidence in their ability to achieve long-term financial security.

Client Benefits & Value Added Services

  • Unbiased, conflict-free fiduciary counsel driven by client needs.
  • Proven, innovative investment strategies enhance returns, manage risk and reduce taxes.
  • Highly customized solutions add value beyond today’s cookie cutter models.
  • Streamline decision-making and due diligence processes achieve desired outcomes.
  • Direct access to exclusive network of expert advisers.
  • Unique approach maximizes the collective value of all your advisers in your best interest.

Optimize Adviser Value & Productivity


One of the great paradoxes of having significant resources is the more you have, the less time you have to enjoy them. I help clients establish a sound, productive framework for managing their wealth and gaining confidence in their investment decisions.